Any person who is responsible for earning their own income is now an Incomepreneur in the new cyber economy.

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Incomepreneurs.com is the income wellness through the fusion of person to person communication fuzed with zoom video networking program. A company developed by Mike Hayes [The NetworKing].

Mike is a veteran of NBC in NY, CNN in LA, direct response advertising agency owner spanning a 30+ year career as a broadcasting, publicity and advertising professional.

"My Magnum Opus is to bring an excellent communication experience and income wellness to a business person who is willing to practice the most valuable new skill set for the new cyber economy and will learn how easy it becomes to read out loud from Zoom TV Teleprompter, with practice, practice, practice"   Mike Hayes

Increase your clients, customers and income by 20% to 40% simply by adding the simple new skill set that companies and consumers demand.

How to Expand Your Business at the 20% Growth

Rate of The

Cyber Monday Sales EXPLOSION:

Meet a Cyber Business Leader 

Each Week! 

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★ Keep your skill set current with how companies and consumers are shopping, buying and hiring in the rising cyber economy

★ Get the visibility you need to succeed in the new economy

★ Quickly capture client testimonial videos to get more clients and more client testimonial videos until you see the domino effect create an avalanche of new clients

★ All you need is a mixer handshake and a video email invitation to meet on a Zoom Call, Zoom Meeting, Zoom Webinar or add an ongoing Zoom Meeting component to better plan grow anything; a meeting, a media, an idea or a company

★ Videos work when you're not working

★ Videos reach places you can't

★ Videos bring you more clients.

★ Video communication is 90% more effective than pictures and words alone.

What can Zoom video communication do for me?

★ Don't get left behind, learn to make your own videos.

★ The teams have fun together and bond over mutual goals.

★ As we go through the networking communication and zoom video conferencing project the income wellness confidence building energizes the experience.

★ Everyone has a great time.

★ The class finishes excited about their new communication skill

with improved income wellness opportunities and brimming with 

improved skills to earn new money for themselves or their company

in the cyber economy.

Why do I need the fusion of person to person communication skills with Zoom video networking

skills to get more clients the cyber economy?

We organize boot camps as mentoring or competitions and sharing between teams, departments, and campuses that will enrich your moral and your income wellness.

We can design your communication program to support and activate

your employee development yearly campaigns and themes.

Big Ideas Express: Your Cyber Income Incubator 

★ Logistics are easy

★ We are full service, friendly, and priced competitively

★ Our programs are designed to meet the needs of your company.

★ We supply all materials and can set up at you site or offsite.

How this works:

★ Session #1 - what’s your story (what you do and why)? We’ll hash it out together and find the one that best suits you and will get you more clients.

★ Session #2-Session #2 - How to ask people for testimonials (or have us do it for you!). 

★ Session #3 - How to prepare (a little) for being on camera. We’ll walk you and your friends through so you all look and feel your best. 

★ Session #4 - Testimonial sessions. We’ll interview and record 3 of your biggest fans. We’ll support you while you record and we promise there will be no “bad hair day” or "bad mood day".. even if you feel it’s true. :) 

★ Session #5 - Take your testimonials to the world! We’ll work with you to get your ideal plan to get your testimonials out to the world. Take the first steps with our guidance and have a plan in place for the rest.

Core Skills Learning Program

Are your sales up - like Cyber Monday Selling - which grew nearly 20% this year over last according to Adobe Analytics?

Or are sales down like the old Black Friday sales school of marketing?

Stop leaving 20% Growth on the table and start cashing in on Cyber Selling, without spinning your wheels, without spending a bundle spending of time and money and with a high probability of success?

Zoom Cyber Communications Expert, Mike Hayes claims he can teach anybody how to use his Media Insider Secret shortcuts to do just that.

Join us at The Chamber for a fun and lively hands-on DEMO and Bootcamp hosted for Chamber Members, by Mike Hayes, a veteran broadcaster of NBC in NY, CNN in LA, KGO Radio in SF, plus many years in TV infomercials.

"I can teach ANYBODY to look and sound like a Zoom Cyber Communications Pro in 30 minutes. Looking and sounding good on Zoom video streamlines cyber selling and eliminates wasting time and money on things that don't work anymore." Mike Hayes, "The NetworKing"

I'm a Lafayette Chamber Member and Ambassador and I challenge anyone to come and to prove me wrong about turning you into a Zoom Pro Video Super Hero, and to earn 20% or more income in 2019.

Jay Lifson, Chamber Executive Director has volunteered to be one of my "Chuck Yeager" Test Pilots by using my Zoom Video Teleprompter System for Chamber Mixer Followup Networking.

Income Building Zoom TV Style Teleprompter And Networking Practive

For Individuals

Team Building Zoom TV Style Teleprompter Practice

Customization For Companies

★ Individual Bootcamps or Company Projects can be done by individuals or groups, be competitive, or non-competitive, single session or a series of classes.

★ We can incorporate your company materials and accommodate the needs, interests, and goals of your company.

★  The results will be worthy of posting on your site, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, instaGram and more and call also be emailed to any highly targeted audience. 

★ Enables and promotes bigger and better collaborations

★ Nurtures confidence and innovation

★ Personal satisfaction & expression

★ Immediate goal and message clarification

★ Pride in one's work

★ Healthy Competition

Team Benefits

★ Reading out loud from a Zoom TV Style Teleprompter from the comfort of your home or office the opposite of public speaking for most people because you need only look at big bold print to read it with practiced confidence

★ Income Wellness Communication stimulates various parts of the brain, which increase psychological resilience and resistance to stress with a greater sense of fulfillment

★ The stress hormone Cortisol drops immediately and the feel-good hormone Dopamine rises which boots drive, focus, and concentration.  The armor is coming off. 

★ Today work is mostly left brain activity. Communication helps balance left and right.

★ Teleprompter communication sessions increate collaborations, motivation, and provide wellness benefits all at once.  Everyone walks away smiling. 

Health and Income Wellness Benefits

★ Sales & Marketing                                                 ★  Executives

★ Product Development                                          ★  Boards of Directors

★ HR, IT, & Operations                                             ★  Blowout company events

We have the perfect programs for your teams:

★ Mike Hayes [The NetworKing] 

★ Office 925-350-3550 

★  Cell 415-781-9296 

★  Mike@BigIdeasExpress.com

Email or call to book a free Zoom call or a project

Melody Chambers [click name]

"If you take a chance to work with Mike Hayes, you won’t regret it.”

Owner of House Love Realty, Bellingham, Washington

Founder, Entrepreneur Real Estate School - https://www.linkedin.com/in/melody-chambers-0b59a22/

Zoom client video testimonials about Mike Hayes

(on camera and off demonstrations):

Luci Gabel   [click name]

“If you’re looking for a mentor about how to get publicity and become better known, there is no better person than Mike Hayes." 

Luci Gabel MBA, MA 

Book Author at LuciFit, LLC

San Jose, California   https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucigabel/

Becky Hess   [click name]

"Mike Hayes,  is one of the most creative ingenious people that I have ever met."

Becky Hess 

Conflict-Free and Profit-Rich Businesses - Peace of Mind and Focus, Generating Massive Cash flow.

Greater Salt Lake City Area   https://www.linkedin.com/in/becky-hess-6373b88/

★ Hear Three Off Camera Testimonials demonstration for your clients who don't wish to appear on video.

Kelly Kalsbeek, Carol Harper and Victoria Addison  [click names]

★ Icebreakers like team leaders practicing teleprompter copy as you see below.

★ Everyone can enjoy demonstrating how they're getting better and better with practice

★  Individuals or teams will negotiate where to post the finished works of video

★  An impressive product of teamwork, planning, and openness will result.

Typical activities include:

LISTEN IN ON HOW this program was developed in a LIVE Group Incubator!




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Connect In-Person Plus Online To Accelerate Results.

Connect right here and right now, with small or even HUGE audiences of people actively seeking to connect with you, whether in-person LIVE online or digital direct commerce, because while amateurs network; professionals connect.

Connect with our Dream Team of specialists in building huge audiences for small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, speakers, authors, health experts, and businesses of all sizes.

Our Calendar of Events may appear simple because only our online LIVE connection meetings can do our Dream Team justice and allow you to share in a cornucopia of options and peer-to-peer mentoring and connecting and need to be experienced.

Get More and More Clients

Whether you prefer in-person meetings, LinkedIn, FaceBook, YouTube, Google, Meetup, webinars, email, local networking, or something else, our LIVE online meetings and in-person meetings will help you get more clients.

 Join our free weekly Thursday morning networking meetings, webinars, and in-person Meetups to learn more.

 You can’t tell a Calendar of Events by its cover; it's where it CONNECTS you that counts. 

How Our National Radio Documentary Shows Connect Us and Our Members to The TOP Resources in the New Sharing Platform Resources of The New Economy


I've launched many successful national radio shows including Sports Byline USA,  Weekend Sports on NBC Radio, Peabody Award Winning documentaries and now, our latest show is New Money Radio.

The "job" market is changing.